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Ready to connect with your 


and step to more intuitive and authentic living?

When we aligned with our true nature and trust our intuition,  we experience more ease and joy. We create a life that brings satisfaction to our self, but also ripples good all around us.


Hi! I'm Minna 

I'm  a life coach. I believe that we all have connection to the part that is whole and complete and has an infinite source of wisdom.  I have created a space to navigate towards real authentic self, meaningfulness and soulfulness.  Welcome to Coaching Atelier! My coaching approach is to have dialogue with mind and body and higher consciousness.



Coaching dialogue helps to find and let go of limiting beliefs and emotional blockages. It helps to bring clarity. I guide you with powerful questions based on active listening.


By reconnecting to our body we come back to ourselves, we can feel and release emotions. We can gain experience more energy, clarity and confidence. In a coaching session I can guide you to do consious somatic movements.

higher consiousness

By opening to intuition and a higher consciousness we can address the questions and find guidance. I support you in this by exersices and meditations. 

We are in this transformation together

There's no need to handle everything on our own. Whether you are in the middle of a change or wanting a change, you can receive support and choose to make your journey a more enjoyable experience. It's an investment for you own wellbeing and making the best out of the change. But not only that; the increased ease and satisfaction in your life will bring a ripples of good all around you. It's putting the "be the change you want to see" in practise.

Why coaching with me?

Empowering is my calling and use of body-mind-consciousness work is my specialty. I have long personal history of studying self cultivation methods, which help us connecting with the inner wisdom. I have also experienced life changing sessions with a skilled coaches and teachers in my life and I want to give back to the world with enormous gratitude and compassion. 

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Kind words...


Martina Malavenda

I’d like to thank you Minna-Maria for the incredible support you gave me in this last year. As a coach, you’ve been able to provide a wonderful and safe space of active listening. Your being calm, so welcoming and not at all judgmental gave me the opportunity to unfold and be finally aware of my limiting beliefs, fears and personal obstacles. After that, I felt energized and thrilled to move towards the action you guided me through step-by-step. The sweetness that distinguishes you among the others is really your key power to make such life-changing process a smooth and beautiful experience. Sincere thanks!


Monica Shillieri

I really recommend Minna Maria as a coach. My experience with her was excellent. She was always able to support me in getting a closer look to my self believes and helping me reframing my perspectives. She did that always asking me powerful questions and challenging my assumptions with a rare mix of grace and strong empowerment. She supported me to best deliver my consultancy work to my clients, understanding my priorities and supporting me always to go deeper in the understanding of my decision making. She made me accountable during all the process but at the same time I felt I could always count on her since she was holding a silver lining between our sessions. I’ll be always grateful I met her for such a boost in my professional career and personal path.


Bidushi Barua

After every session, I could see a bigger picture of my situation and felt more empowered to overcome the challenges. Minna-Maria's exercises, both physical or mind-related, were helpful in dealing with my issues. Her coaching also tracked my progress and motivated me to keep trying to overcome difficult times.

The coaching helped me to express myself fully. I learnt to be more kind and loving to myself irrespective of my circumstances and I learnt  to stand up for myself, something which I have easily ignored. Minna-Maria’s presence during all the sessions was dynamic, positive, extremely comfortable, hope-filled and trust-worthy. I would certainly recommend this coaching to someone who needs a mirror to reflect his/her thoughts and  is unable/doesn't know how to take action  to overcome their anxious or struggling thoughts. 

Now more than ever, we must abandon the performative and embrace the authentic... Focus on real internal change. 

 Dr Aisha Ahmad

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