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to Coaching Atelier in Italy and online! 

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Coaching Atelier

A place to balance your energy and listen to your inner wisdom


Nurturing practises for mind, body and soul

If you'd like to do gentle qigong movements in 1:1 sessions with me online, please contact me. Or you can have a group of friends or family members joining! 


A retreat in Italy when you want a break and time for holistic wellbeing

The retreats described currently on the site are in Finnish language, however if you have a group of friends and you'd like to have a tailor made intuitive writing and qigong retreat for you, please contact me!



Let's get to know each other! You can read more about me by clicking here. And I'd be very happy to hear about you!  



Would you like to meet for a coaching session and I guide you with questions to hear your inner wisdom to follow the path of your heart? Click here to find out more! 

Mitä  asiakkaat sanovat?

"Retriiitti antoi lepoa, oivalluksia, inspiraatiota. Kirjoittaminen oli parasta. Aivan ihana ja todella tarpeellinen kokemus... Retriitti ohjelman yhdistäminen Italian luontoon, ruokaa ja kulttuuriin teki kokemuksesta taianomaisen! <3 Olet Minna-Maria huippu siinä mitä teet! Kiitos! <3 "

Palaute retriitistä Italiassa

Pysytään kuulolla! 

Noin kerran viikossa lähetän uutiskirjeen, jossa on mukana inspiraatiota ja asiaa kokonaisvaltaisesta hyvinvoinnista. Klikkaa kirje itsellesi tästä! Olisi myös mahtava  kuulla joku kerta sinusta!

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