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How does holistic coaching support you?

coaching dialoGue

In the sessions, I use a coaching dialogue, and ask powerful questions based on active and intuitive listening to help you find clarity.

The dialogue is mental, but I also use cultivation practises and clearing exercises that work on the level of mind, body and consciousness. This gives you the best support to connect with your inner wisdom.

cultivating practises

I guide you through self cultivation practises to hear your inner wisdom. These practises are:

  • somatic movement

  • breath work

  • writing and other creative activities

  • meditation and visualization

clearing exercises

I help you to face and clear limiting beliefs and fears that might be standing in your way. Clearing is unlearning the thoughts and beliefs that we have learnt from other people and cultures that are not all helpful. It means letting go of the emotions that we have suppressed and held in our body.

What can you gain from coaching?

ease and  Peace of mind

In the sessions you can release emotions and find the underlying limiting beliefs that are not supporting you so you can let them go. This creates ease and peace of mind.

confidence and intuitive guidance

You anchor into your authentic core and hear your wisdom for your own unique situation. You also learn instruments to hear your intuition that you can use on your own whenever you need.​ ​

energy and groundedness

As you find more integrity between your mind, body, heart and soul, you can experience more clarity, confidence, flow and creativity. You learn how to clear and expand your energy.

visibility and connection 

When connected to your authentic self you can express your authentic message to the world. You can create connections with your tribe.  

Concrete changes

The inner change inevitably creates an outer change. You can fulfil a heart-aligned wish related to your wellbeing, relationships, financial situation and work.

Ripples of good all around you

Besides, getting a personal benefit, your change will ripple good around you and you can give your gifts and your light  to the world.

The journey is right for you if ......

You’ve advanced along your personal growth path for a while, but you’d like to take the next steps and feel genuinely good; and have less ups & downs in terms of energy, connection, mood and motivation in daily life.

You want to stay connected with yourself or even find a deeper connection. You want to feel more confident, let yourself be more visible and let your inner light shine into the world.

​You have lots of inner wisdom and a brave and big heart, but sometimes you fall back into a collective lack of consciousness and the idea that you need to work hard to make things happen. You want support in staying true to your inner wisdom and creating a life where you live with more ease.

​You know (or want to know) what success means on your own terms and want to take the necessary steps to letting this vision become a reality.

I'm a life coach and mentor. Besides my professional training at the International Coach Academy and a Master's degree in Educational Sciences, I'm a lifelong learner in  ancient philosophies, meditation, qigong, yoga  and creative practises such as intuitive writing and painting.

As much as I'm interested in science and learning, I still found the biggest result in personal growth comes through unlearning and connecting to our true self. 


My own life story is a story of transformation and healing (which of course has no ending point, but is a lifelong journey for all of us) and my mission is to support others on their journey of transformation. 


To know what working with me is like, I offer a free session so you can actually experience it and we can talk more about how coaching could support your transformative journey.


I'm Minna-Maria

The coaching journey is a 3 month period, which includes:


To prepare we meet for a discovery session, which takes 60 minutes. We meet on-line in Zoom, so you can attend the session from the comfort of your home.


We meet for our coaching sessions biweekly. Each session lasts 60 minutes.


 I'll email you the key points and the action plan of the session so you can always check and refer back to them.


You'll get materials such as somatic and energy exercises, journaling prompts or other creative exercises. These instruments can be in your self cultivation tool box for the rest of your life if you like! 


In between the sessions you can email me for support. I'm your accountability partner always when needed. Once a week I email you for a short check-in.


I'm there to notice your steps, action and insights... I'll be sharing the joy with you! 

Your investment


Monthly payment option 3x275€, total 825€

Price includes VAT 24%. Price without VAT 195,31

3 months commitment


Full cost (saving 100€)

Price includes VAT 24% 

Price without VAT 551€

3 months commitment

If you are currently unemployed please contact me and we can try to find away.


What other people say?


Olet valmentajana aivan ihana, aidosti kohtaava ja läsnäoleva tässä hetkessä. Keholliset harjoituksesi ja vinkkisi ovat aivan erinomaisia, olen saanut valmennuksessasi mielettömän työkalupakin omaan henkiseen ja fyysiseenkin hyvinvointiin ihan joka päivä, sekä yllättäviin tilanteisiin ja vaikeuksiin. Olen saanut myös voimaa meditaatioista, hengitysharjoituksista, kirjallisuudesta, videoista sekä voimaannuttavasta kirjoittamisesta ja syvällisistä keskusteluista. Loit prosessin aina valmennettavaa tarkkaavaisesti kuunnellen niin, että käsiteltiin asiaa, joka on kullakin kerralla kaikkein tärkeintä. Jokainen sessio myös päättyi niin, että se tuntui omalta matkaltaan, jossa on päästy vähintään se pieni askel eteenpäin. Osaat kannustaa, valaa uskoa niihin haparoiviin siipiin, jotka eivät jaksaneet juuri sillä hetkellä lentää. Kirjalliset kiteytykset sessioiden jälkeen olivat myös timanttisia ja auttoivat muistamaan keskustellut asiat, sekä ylläpitämään voimaannuttavaa prosessia. 


Valmennuksesi auttoi minut ylös rotkosta ja tilanteesta, jossa suunta, kompassi, kartta olivat hukassa, sekä navigaattori myöskin epäkunnossa. Autoit näkemään niitä valonpisaroita, joita eniten tarvitsin, kun pimeä alkoi vallata. Voin suositella sinua kenelle tahansa muutosta kaipaavalle tai oman henkisen kompassin vahvistusta kaipaavalle! Tunnen olevani kuin lentoon päässyt perhonen, joka vielä muutama kuukausi sitten oli vasta toukka. Nyt näen kaiken sen tärkeän elämässäni entistäkin kirkkaammin ja kaikki tulevaisuuden mahdollisuudet

Palaute elokuulta 2021, julkaistu pyynnöstä nimettömänä

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